Kane Chronicles = My New Obsession

First of all, I am a huge Percy Jackson fan. I haven’t finished the sub-series yet but I will after The Kane Chronicles. I didn’t think it would be a wise choice to read them simultaneously.

I was a little leary of starting The Kane Chronicles because I don’t know much about Egyptian Mythology. However, as I’ve gone in the books I have become just as fascinated with the cat goddess Bast and the evil god Set. There are actually many parallels with Egyptian and Greek Mythology which made it easier to follow. I can’t wait until he does a Norse series or maybe a Mayan mythology one. Should be interesting.

In his next series he may have some trouble mixing things up. He’s already gone down the bildungsromans path with Percy and done the sibling thing with The Kanes.Rick Riordan is awesome though so I am sure he will come up with something exciting and new!

Happy Readings 🙂