Harry Potter Revisited

I recently re-read Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone by J. K. Rowling for my Children’s Literature class. Surprisingly, my professor was not a Rowling fan. I was perplexed! I have never met someone who did not like Harry Potter, OR J.K. Rowling. She would go on and on about how she was a mediocre writer and how her thoughts were under-developed. I went back and paid close attention to her writing style and talent as I re-read the first book. (And now the second one, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I just love reading Harry Potter during the Christmas season!)

But my conclusion is that J.K. Rowling is NOT a sub-par writer. The Harry Potter series was her first time as an author. I think everyone should cut her a little slack for that. (If they have any qualms that is.) I think she did a pretty damn good job for her first time. Come on people, give credit where credit is due. Not many people could pull the Harry Potter series out of thin air and make a series that is loved by both children and adults.

Secondly, even if her writing is lacking in depth in the first few books, they are written from the perspective of an eleven and twelve year old. It shows growth within the character and the author if you’re going to be that picky about it. I think it’s pure genius to show the growth and development of a character in such a way.

Lastly, how in the hell is the Harry Potter series lacking in plot? It lasts seven whole, amazing books and was and IS still a bigger deal than any other book franchise. I loved most of the Twilight books but there is no way they will stay as popular as Harry Potter. Harry Potter has been HUGE for almost 15 years now. It should definitely be in the Literature Hall of Fame next to J. R. R. Tolkiens’ Lord of the Rings and the rest of his repertoire.


2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Revisited

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