Done with The Death Cure

I finally finished it! I really enjoyed this one. I’m beginning to think these James Dashner movies will be a hit. Although, I’m hoping they make the first one a bit more exciting. The last two I read were above and beyond in the action genre. I was on the edge of my seat the entire way. 

However, I was a bit confused at the ending of The Death Cure. It all seemed a little to perfect and planned and they never gave any information regarding Chancellor Paige. I’m assuming there’s more info in The Kill Order. I picked it up at Barnes and Noble the other day and brought it home but was very confused. The plot of The Kill Order  is about a group of people during the time of the sun flares. BUT the opening prologue is by Teresa who died in The Death Cure? I’m sure it all ties together in the end. I’m not sure if it’s next on my reading list though. 

I’ve been more in the mood for children’s fantasy. I know, I know! I’m twenty two years old, why am I still hooked on books like Harry Potter, Narnia, and Charlie Bone?! The truth is, the fantasy is more appealing to me than adult fantasy. Don’t get me wrong! I love Tolkien and Martin, but sometimes I need more happiness in what I’m reading.

So, I have chosen to read The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer. She is a three-time Newbery Honor Author and I’ve read that this book is very Tolkien spirited. I’m only about 30 pages in but I’m loving it so far! I’m loving the main character Jack and how quickly paced it is. 

What also sparked my interest in this particular novel is that it is based on Viking folklore. I found out earlier this year that I am 60% Nordic. (I had NO IDEA) I have gone my whole life thinking I am German and Indian. Turns out I’m 0% German and only 4% Native American. So upon learning this fascinating tidbit about myself I have been looking up all sorts of books based on Vikings. I think my next venture will be Juliet Marillier. I’ve read her Wildwood Dancing and Cybele’s Secret books about Romanian folklore and I they are two of my favorite books! 


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