Nancy Farmer and The Sea of Trolls

My mom has been poking and prodding me to read this book for a loooooong time. I usually have so many “To Read” books on my own shelf that I have a hard time making it to other people’s recommendations. But I just finished the James Dashner books and I was really craving a children’s fantasy book. I recently had surgery and it was in a pile of my books at home so I picked it up and it took me a few chapters to actually get use to the author’s voice. I love the book, the story, the writing (now that I have gotten use to it), and the characters and setting. The only thing I had some issues with in the beginning was the way she wrote. It is definitely a children’s book, but she writes in lavish detail like Tolkien. It’s not watered down at all like Harry Potter. She is very precise on her details of the culture and the way that the Vikings lived in Scandinavia, their sailing methods, and weaponry. Several times I have had to resort to to find word meanings. At first I thought this was a little much for a children’s book. But the more I think about it I think it is a good idea that she is not dumbing it down too much. She’s teaching kids to use their resources and to ask questions. More writers should do this. I’m 22 years old and I feel like she is expanding my vocabulary. Which little kids may not care about so much but it is making them better readers. Kuddos to Farmer! I can’t put this book down and I look forward to finding more of her novels to read.


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