Booklist for 2014 (So Far)


So I’ve comprised a list of books that I own and plan to read before the end of 2014. I decided to do this because I finished The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer last night.

It was an amazing Bildungsroman twist of Jack and Jill with a journey heavily influenced by Tolkien’s tales. Many of the foes the two main characters had to face were copycats of those from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, such as the Spiders and Shelob, the great eagles and the giant owls in the story, and of course the trolls. I can see where this story could be deemed “hodge-podge” with the Jack and Jill, Tolkien, and Norse and Saxon Mythology all mixed together. But I think it combines beautifully into an epic Bildungsroman tale that children will love. Nothing says growing up like playing chess with Norns and slaying a troll-bear!

I think my next book to read will be The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan just because I’ve had it forever, started it several times, and never been committed enough to finish it.

Or I may read the new dystopian novel, Orleans by Sherri L. Smith that came out in 2013. None of my friends have read it that I know of but I’ve read wonderful reviews on Goodreads about it. And I LOVE New Orleans. I’ve been there many times and fall more and more in love every time I’m there. Places like New York, Florida, and Colorado are awesome to vacation at but nothing is like a step back in time like New Orleans, Louisiana.


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