This is what our morning looked like 🙂 I usually do book blog but I’ve really gotten into working out and trying to eat better within the past year and I thought it would be a good contribution to my blog. Getting fit and eating clean has taken over the internet! I see all kinds of blogs about fitness and pictures all over Instagram these days.

This morning I got up and had my coffee and did some reading outside on our patio. We bought new patio furniture yesterday at Garden Ridge because the weather has been so nice here in Allen, TX. After coffee I put on my Fitbit and my boyfriend and I went a mile up the road and back. He likes to run and I’ll usually jog/walk. I really wish we had a dog we could take with us!

We came back to the apartment after doing 1.6 miles or so and went to our gym at the apartment complex. There I did a little over 2 miles on the bike and some calisthenics. And he lifted weights. I probably should have done a little more but I’m really sore from lifting weights and playing softball yesterday for the first time in years!

We were starved after working out so we came home and made some delicious Gold Standard Vanilla Protein Powder pancakes with egg whites 🙂 I have been wanting to try pancakes with protein powder forever now! I see on Instagram that you can add protein powder to practically anything when you’re cooking! My next recipe to try is Protein Powder Oatmeal or Overnight Oats.

The only thing that wasn’t 100% healthy about our breakfast was our new Pecan Syrup. I bought it at First Monday Trade Days (the flea market in Canton, TX) last weekend and have been DYING to try it. All in all, I think the pancakes were awesome but the syrup was a little too thick and heavy for my taste.



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