Day 2 of Learning about the YA Lit World of Writing and Authorship

I’m writing 2 posts today. I feel kind of guilty about not posting everyday. I am in 2 graduate summer classes right now that last 5 weeks and the homework is killing me. I probably should have spaced them out a little better.

However! I have been taking study breaks to read my YA Fiction for Dummies book and The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings. (It’s been good to read a YA book while I’m learning about the process of writing a YA story. I have been using it for examples.) I have always seen the “For Dummies” books at Barnes & Noble while perusing the shelves and I was always under the assumption that they were an easy way for the author to take your money. But it’s proven very interesting and useful! I have just never been one for self-help books. I know, I know! You should never judge a book by it’s cover! Lesson learned 🙂

I have also been reading author/blogger advice tips from various people on how to get writing or to get past writers block. The most useful tidbit of information I think I have come across is to write 10 bad ideas a day, by James Altucher. That way if you’re not confident in your ideas you will still be exercising your imagination and eventually you will improve. Practice makes perfect!

I think it is important to remember not to compare your imagination to other people. Don’t get discouraged and doubt yourself if you’re not amazing at first! Nobody is. I have struggled with this in the past and it has held me back from a lot of opportunities. It’s the number one thing I am trying to work on as a writer.


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