My Boyfriends Books

I was looking through some of my bookshelves today and I realized what different tastes my boyfriend and I have. I was like “Wow! He has so many more adult books than I do.” I base this off of all of my children’s lit and YA novels. And then I saw his anime books and wondered how people can like books from opposite ends of the spectrum. It made me think of an article I read the other day that a new blogging friend had shared with me. The article was by a woman who thought adults should be ashamed for reading just YA novels. And that they were simply missing out on all the mature novels and down grading themselves with all the teen melodrama and romance.

I, however, could not disagree more. I will read whatever I damn well please. And I don’t think anyone should be judged based off what they read. If I want to read The Secret Garden or Percy Jackson for the hundredth time then so be it! And if my boyfriend wants the entire series of Death Note and One Piece then more power to him. People like what they like.

You know that expression, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well don’t judge a person or their intelligence based on their personal reading preferences. Clearly some people have several reading preferences like anime, Chuck Palahniuk and Victor Hugo.


My Boyfriends Books

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