My Summer To Be Read Pile

I am most excited reading Midnight Riot and Shadow and Bone. I’ve heard the Shadow and Bone books are amazing in the YA Lit world right now. And I got the recommendation from an online Vlog by Tanya Burr, beauty vlogger. This book is supposedly more popular in the UK I think but I still think it sounds awesome! I’m also a big fan of the Nancy Farmer books. I found out last year that I am 60% Nordic so I’ve been all about Norse Mythology. However, her second book in the Jack and Jill trilogy was nowhere near as good as the first one. It was a bit hodge-podge and slow at times. I wish there had been more Thorgil in it.

I’m going on a trip to New Orleans next month for my birthday and I start my student teaching in August. And I just found out I am also going on a trip to Maryland/Virginia with my boyfriend to see his family so I need to get this all done before then!


My Summer To Be Read Pile

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