Finally Started Writing

I went to Corner Bakery the other day to catch up on some reading and homework. Instead of doing that, I ordered a latte and started writing. I had had a dream several times and I think I’ve managed to turn it into my latest writing project. So far I only have four pages. I’ve had to fit in some homework here and there. Thankfully, this is my last week for homework and I will have a month to focus on writing before I start my student teaching. I hope I can figure out my new schedule and time management pretty quickly when I start that. I want to have time to improve my short story. Who knows, maybe I can make it more than a short story. So far it’s a YA action novel. At least that’s where I’m planning on going with it.

I had my boyfriend read what I have so far the other night (and he can be brutally honest) and another friend. They both really liked it! 🙂 That definitely gave me a confidence boost and is keeping me motivated.

I always thought I would be more of a planner with my writing. Like outlining and brainstorming before I put the pen to paper but it’s like once I start I just keep going and all these ideas start hitting me as I write. Does anyone else do that? I’m going to try to work on a few pages today after work.

I’ve also been perusing the internet for fun creative writing activities and I actually stumbled across a Pen Pal project. It’s a blog where different people submit their photo and email or website and they can connect to other people and become pen pals be it email, snail mail, whatever! There we’re people from all over the world on it! Sri Lanka, the US, Ireland, Australia, etc. I thought this sounded really interesting. I didn’t know people still got into that. I’m thinking about doing it myself. I would want to do snail mail but I think before I commit I would want to get a PO Box. I don’t think it’s a good idea to just throw out your home address anymore. Maybe I’ve been watching too much ID or Catfish! Does anyone else on here participate in The Pen Pal Project?


One thought on “Finally Started Writing

  1. Congrats on starting writing! Every writer is different in how they go about it. I recently watched a documentary on PL Travers (Mary Poppins author) who talked about sitting in a corner and nesting while the ideas came to her. I think if it feels organic and works for you, go for it!

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