Amazon Prime and Hastings Book Haul

I love Hastings. Love love love it! I use to live by them when I lived in Tyler, TX and San Marcos, TX but there’s not any in Dallas 😦 So whenever I go visit my grandparents in East Texas I stop at the one in Greenville. I bought Lirael there. I read Sabriel for my YA Lit class my last year in college and loved it. They’re just a really good high fantasy series. After buying Lirael I added Abhorsen to my Amazon Prime haul. I think there’s another one too, but it might just be mini stories by Garth Nix. I’ll have to check that out later. And there is a new one coming out, unless it’s already been released and I don’t know about it called Clariel.

I just received my Amazon Prime book haul today. I got to order 5 books since my boyfriend went on a spending spree on the Steam sales for video games. Yay for me!

I love the cover of Seraphina. I have seen it on the bookshelves at Barnes & Noble several times while perusing but I never bought it until now for some reason. I’ve been thinking about the Eragon books a lot lately and maybe that’s why. There’s not enough dragon books coming out anymore.

And I have heard nothing but good things about Angelfall. Every book blog, vlog, and Instagram post I have seen about this book tells me it’s awesome and action packed. It and City of Heavenly Fire are probably my most anticipated of this book haul. Cause come on, everyone loves the mortal instruments.

And lastly, Legend by Marie Lu. I have also just heard some really great things about it and I feel like I see them everywhere. It’s been following me around so I have to give it a shot.


Amazon Prime and Hastings Book Haul

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