Writing Niches

I saw an article the other day with pictures of different authors writing desks and offices. I had never even thought about the writing niche as a sacred place. We don’t even have a dining room table in my apartment so when I’m at home most of my writing takes place on the floor at my coffee table.

But I’ve been seeing more and more articles about how the writing niche is important. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a full on desk cluttered with staplers and paperclips and sticky notes like what most people assume about writers desks. I think everyone is different. Sometimes I just want to get out of my house so I go to Corner Bakery or the Starbucks in my local Target to write. I can’t write when it’s really loud and there’s a lot going on around me. However, my best friend works best in multitasking situations. She will write while she’s watching CSI on Netflix or listening to all of Taylor Swift’s albums on iTunes. She is more easily distracted when it’s quiet. She says she gets bored so she starts checking Facebook or her mind starts wandering to other things. To each his own!

I know on author Libba Brays website she use to (and may still) post the soundtracks and albums she listened to while she wrote each book. She says it helps set the mood. I on the other hand, can’t focus like that. I’m a horrible multitasker.

My boyfriend likes his desk very business like. He wants it cleaned off, with cubbies, shelves, and desk organizers. The business/professional atmosphere helps him stay on task and get things done.

Where is your writing niche and what does it look like? Does it say a lot about your personality?


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