City of Heavenly Fire, A Midway Review

For starters, I have to say that I am loving this book. I love the imagery and scenery of the different dimensions. There’s just so much going on in my mind’s eye for Idris, Edom, and the Faerie Court. I love it! I feel like Cassandra Clare has really improved in that area of her writing. I also am loving the ties between this series and the Clockwork series. I can’t wait to find out what happens with Brother Zachariah and Tessa Gray. I think it might be the main reason I have been reading so fast. I JUST WANT TO KNOW ALREADY!

A few things that I’m not crazy about in it are:

1) The Julian and Emma relationship seems like a mirror of Simon and Clary’s friendship. I even feel that their personalities are similar and it feels too copy cat. I wish there had been more of a difference.

2) There seems to be some inconsistencies with Emma’s personality. When she’s talking to Julian she seems more grown up. But Clare has her talking to Clary and Jace as if she is a small child and has no understanding of the things going on around them.

3) Jordan’s abrupt death kind of bothered me. I know this is small but I really wish him and Maia had had some closure at the ending. It’s like Clare didn’t know what to do with him anymore, and she just wanted him out of the picture.

4)The Heavenly Fire conflagration in Edom seemed odd. Like how did Clary just soldier through it? And what happened when she was reaching for her sword? Maybe I will find out more later… And I don’t like how Jace was just giving up in the middle of it. That’s very un-Jacelike.

So far I love everything else though. None of these small things have made me like the book any less. There’s so many good story lines intertwining!


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