Life Happens… Fast :)

I have fallen behind lately on my book reviews. This is my last day nannying and this Thursday I take Ricardo to the airport to go Maryland for a week, and then I go straight to student teacher orientation. Whomp Whomp. And staff development starts Friday. I can’t wait for the 25th though when all the kids start back at school! I can’t wait to start this new chapter of my life. I’m scared it will be overwhelming at first but I bought a planner to keep organized. And I took advantage of Tax Free Weekend and got a binder and other school supplies.




I went a few weeks ago with my boyfriend and got some dresses and whatnot as well. This was huge for me! I’m not a “dress and make up” kind of girl. Target made it super easy though. I love Target! I also found some good stuff at Old Navy too.


And then the best thing that happened… I got engaged! We’re getting maried next May 🙂 I love my ring. Ricardo did an awesome job of picking it out and he picked out the diamond! So sweet. He had my friends take me out to get my nails done, and then we were going to have lunch with him on his break and go shopping but when we got to our apartment to pick him up my Dad answered the door (and he lives far out in East Texas), and the rest of my family was sitting and standing all around the apartment. Ricardo’s uncles and his grandmother even came. That was awesome because his grandmother lives in Maryland with his family but she was here for a week before she went to El Salvador for a few weeks. Best day of my life. I can’t wait for the wedding!



My post for Abhorsen by Garth Nix coming soon!


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