Loki’s Wolves by Melissa Marr and Kelley Armstrong


I have wanted to read these books since they came out. I love the Percy Jackson books and their mythology backgrounds. Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology are all great but I have really been wanting another Norse mythology book after reading Nancy Farmer’s The Sea of Trolls trilogy.

This series is modern day and about a group of seven kids who are distant descendants of the Norse Gods and they are on a whirlwind adventure to stop the end of the world, Ragnarok. Loki’s Wolves started out kind of slow for me. I wasn’t a fan of the opening where the three main characters meet. They are descendants of Thor and Loki.

Two of the obstacles the group face in the book fell short for me. I wish there had been more of an explanation of Astrid’s magical powers and why she was running off. It all seemed very vague. The authors seemed as if they knew how to build all of the action but the ending it was cut short a few times.

However, things really picked up during the last third of the book. There was some great action, great teamwork, friendships being built, and a twist! Let’s just say Loki was a trickster because he was so smart 😉 They should trust Loki’s instincts more often.

I am really excited about the next book. The last conflicts in the book left me wanting more! I already have my copy of Odin’s Ravens open next to me!

I also have to say I love the illustrations throughout the book. I think kids and preteens will love it. They’re very comic book/manga looking. I these were originally graphic novels if I’m not mistaken, or they were adapted to graphic novels after the books came out. I think it’s the former though.

Happy readings 🙂


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