31 Day Blog Challenge: Favorite Childhood Book

Childhood favorites

I hope this doesn’t mean picture books because when I think about my childhood favorites, these 3 come to mind.

1) A Wrinkle in Time  by Madeleine L’Engle, which is surprising because it’s probably one of the only Sci-Fi books I have ever read and liked and it is one of my favorites. I think the adventure of it is what drew me in. In the past I tried to read other L’Engle books and could not get into them.

2) All of the Narnia books by C.S. Lewis but most specifically The Horse and His Boy. I loved the story of Shasta and Aravis.

3) All of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling…because who doesn’t love them? My mom started reading them to me before be when I was in the 3rd grade and I thought for several years that I would receive a letter from Hogwarts as well! That’s how much I was obsessed with the books when I was little. It seemed like the ultimate fantasy world. I would still probably choose it over any other fantasy.

31 Day Blog Challenge: Dream Job

I’m skipping a few of the days in the 31 Day Blog Challenge, but I thought the prompts were a little dull. I mean, I could make a post about what’s in my purse but it would bore me. If if would bore me then I know it would bore other people. I can tell you in one short list what’s “in my Handbag.” Carmex, eye liner, car keys, hand sanitizer, and my wallet. The end! I also skipped the Timeline of My Day prompt. Right now I’m on break for Thanksgiving and all I’ve been doing is running errands and studying. Again, not so exciting.

31 day blog challenge

So today I thought I would write about my dream job. My dream job has been the same since I was a kid. I have loved reading since I was in the 4th grade and I would love nothing more than to be a book publisher or editor. Or even reviewer! Do people actually make a living doing that? I went into college a English major because I had these crazy notions that I would become a fabulous, extra talented book publisher when I grew up. I thought I would graduate and then immediately get a job with Penguin or Harper Collins! Once I got out of college I realized there’s not really a market for that in Texas. Maybe in Austin but I had to move back home to Dallas right after college. Sure I could try chasing the dream and move to New York or California., but I would have to live in the subway station with all of the rats until I made it big. IF I made it big.

Another dream job of mine is to become a famous author. Like Ellen Hopkins and write about the nitty gritty stuff or J.K. Rowling and create an escape for those living in the nitty gritty. However, I find that I spend more time reading than writing. I have decided that I will set aside time this summer when I am done teaching to hope back on that literary horse! Practice makes perfect right? The only thing I have trouble with is finishing ideas. I can come up some fun ideas but I have so much trouble seeing them through to the end! I think it’s mostly that I lose confidence halfway in.

But there you have it! Both of my dream jobs are centered around books forever and always 🙂

31 Day Blog Challenge: Favorite Quote

I’m playing catch up on some of these blog posts. I spent the last weekend with my best friend and her boyfriend. He’s in the Navy and it was there last weekend together so we had a double date and went to see Mockingjay. I was pleasantly surprised! I wasn’t a huge fan of the first one, but in my opinion, the film franchise has been improving with each movie. Mockingjay  was a great blend of a love triangle, political uprisings, and Katniss’ battle with her inner-self. Some parts were a little cheesy, like the propaganda videos but I think they were meant to look extra exaggerated.

31 day blog challenge

My favorite quote has been the same since I was 13 years old, in the 8th grade. I remember watching The Crow at a girls house, who I am no longer friends with, and falling in love with it. I know, pretty angsty even for a 13 year old. I think a large part of it had to do with my love for Brandon Lee (R.I.P). Throughout the movie, the main character, Eric Draven AKA Brandon Lee says a song quote from a song by his fictional band in the movie: “It can’t rain all the time.”

I was obsessed with this quote all through high school and even till now. I would doodle it on my assignments, illustrate my future tattoo with it, etc.

I think a large part of my love for this particular quote has to do with some home stuff I went through in middle school up to high school. Long story short, I felt like I had the worst luck ever and that I was constantly being punished and didn’t know what for. It felt like I had really pissed someone off in a past life and I thought I would never make it past my teen years. This quote was my way of interpreting that tomorrow is a new day or that things won’t always suck forever. I believe that is why that tiny, insignificant quote from a sub-par movie really resonated with me, and still does.

31 Day Blog Challenge: If I Won the Lottery…

31 day blog challenge

If I won the lottery… I would buy all of the books! ALL of the books.

But other than the buying of all of the books I would, of course, give money to my family. I would want to help them out as much as I could.

I would pay off all of my debt. Student loans, car payment, credit cards, etc. And all of my fiances!

I would buy my fiance a new car and get us a bigger apartment. I guess I could get us a house but I would want to travel if we had won the lottery and that would be hard if we had a house to take care of.

I would want to travel to Europe, Asia, and South America. I would want to spend a year or so traveling and just writing about my journey! I have a cousin in China right now and she backpacks around and teaches English for a living. So far she has lived in Chile, China, Spain, and she is about to move to Australia. Living the dream! I would love to see all of those places.

Lastly, I would invest my money. Either in property or in a business. I would want to keep making money so that my family would never have to worry about finances again.

I’ve thought about this before… Can you tell? This is something my fiance and I talk about all the time! It’s just so fun to imagine how things could be different and all of the things that you would do given the chance!

A Little Holiday Reading

Wildwood Dancing

Every year around November/December I like to reread an old favorite. Last year I read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and the year before I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I thought I would break the Harry Potter chain this year and reread Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier. I hear she has some amazing series out about Norse Mythology. This book and it’s sequel, Cybele’s Secret are the only Marillier books I have read. They are two of my favorite books of all time though! They are a close second to Libba Bray’s Gemma Doyle Trilogy.

There’s just something comforting and homey about returning to a loved world around the holidays. You know it won’t steer you wrong! I chose this book in particular this year because it’s about a group of sisters going into a different realm they can only enter on their home property in Romania. Not everyone loves fantasy but these books are singular in their world building. The writing style is absolutely beautiful, in the most articulate way. If you are into fantasy and the aspect of different realms out there hiding in your backyard you should definitely pick up this book. It’s one book that I would go as far to call it’s writing and world building, majestic.

31 Day Blog Challenge: Most Proud Moment

This one was easy. If not a little embarrassing.

I was in the book club in high school and my junior year I ran for book club president. Shockingly, I won! I had never one any title or position before then. It was definitely my most proud moment. However, I was a football trainer in high school and I got a lot of crap for it from all of the football players. One good thing about being in multiple clubs in high school was that I got lots of people to join! I was in FCA, theatre, and I was a trainer for football and soccer. (I suckered in several of my friends to go to a book club meeting and they loved it!) Our librarian was really cool and we would go see book to film adaptions (Like Twilight!) for our field trips and then we would go out for lunch after.

When I look back now I don’t feel embarrassed. I’m still friends with my high school librarian on Facebook and the book club actually still has the name we gave it the year I was president, “The Book Thieves”. The name came from the book The Book Thief. I have never actually read that book but everyone else in the book club had and they voted on it. I guess I should pick it up one day and read it since it was good enough to be made into a film… and our book club official name.

31 day blog challenge

31 Day Blog Challenge: First Celebrity Crush

31 day blog challenge

My first celebrity crush is easy. Howie from the Backstreet Boys. I loved him and his slicked back ponytail! He was my first Latino Love and now I am marrying a Latino in May! I should have known! 😛 Everyone in the 90s was all about N’Sync but I was always a Backstreet Boys girl. Brian wasn’t too shabby looking either 😉 My best friend and I use to get in fights all the time about Brian and his blue eyes versus Justin Timberlake and his blonde ‘fro. We all know who wins that one!

31 Day Blog Challenge: Piercings and Tattoos

This is an interesting category. I don’t normally see “piercings and tattoos” on these sort of things but they seem like the type of things people like to talk about. And sometimes they’re are the most fascinating physical feature on a person, and sometimes the most hideous. I’ve always loved asking people about their tattoos. There is almost always a good story behind it, be it a drunken night in N’Awlins or something with a deep meaning. I think tattoos are great but I don’t have any…yet. My aunt and I have talked about going to get some together but I haven’t had the money. I’ve already decided the tattoos that I would get though.

I want a medium sized henna sunflower tattoo, centered on my upper back. (I’m waiting until after my wedding for that one!)

And I want an ink quill with writing out a quote on my foot. That might be the sort of thing people frown down upon but I love the quote “Not all who wander are lost” by Tolkien. I’d get that one.

Lastly, my fiance makes music on Reason and Ableton. We decided that once he gets a mic we’re going to record us both saying “I love you” and have the sound waves tattooed on our wrists of the other person saying it. Does that make sense? That might fall under the cheesy category but I think it’s sweet!

31 Day Blog Challenge: 10 of My Favorite Foods

Sorry guys. My best friends birthday celebrations were this weekend so I was out of commission. We had a grand ole time at The Iron Cactus in downtown Dallas and then later playing the drinking games Waterfall and Cards Against Humanity. One good thing about partying Saturday night was that I was finally able to sleep in Sunday! Yay! You have no idea how much it sucks waking up 5am to 7am every morning. It’s painfully early!

Here are my 10 favorite foods 🙂

1. Macaroni and cheese (yes I’m a 5 year old!)
2. Calamari (I love seafood with a passion. As long as it’s grilled and not fried.)
3. Chocolate chip cookies
4. Cereal (I could live off the stuff! Especially Frosted Flakes or Lucky Charms!)
5. Turkey dogs (My go-to when I don’t feel like cooking. And if I’m feeling extra hungry I throw some chili on them. Shhhhh!)
6. My grandmothers chicken and dressing (and it’s almost thanksgiving so I will get some soon!!!!)
7. Chicken and Dumplins
8. My grandmothers pot roast
9. Grilled veggies like corn, asparagus, potatoes, or broccoli!
10. I’m a big soup eater. I love potato soup, chicken tortilla, and broccoli and cheese! (Not the most healthy, I know!)

A very eclectic list… But at least there’s no burgers or pizza! Speaking of food, I made dinner for my best friend and her boyfriend today and it was quite delicious! You gotta love those homemade mashed potatoes 🙂