Blog Challenge Day 2: Meaning of Business Name

31 day blog challenge

I am assuming this means my blog name Desabelle. My real name is Destinee for those of you who do not know. I was given the nickname Desabelle around my sophomore year of school by my fiance. He was living in Maryland and I was here in Texas and he started calling me that when we would talk on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). At this point we were friends but quickly moving out of the “friendzone” and I think this nickname was the first indicator that he “liked” me. Before then, a boy had never given me a pet name or endearing name.

But then, a guy friend of mine from high school started calling me Desabelle. And it’s stuck ever since! I guess -belle is the only cutesy thing you can add to Des! Several people have tried to call me Dessy but I HATE that with a burning passion. It just sounds too cheesy I guess.


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