More 31 Day Blog Challenge: Earliest Childhood Memory

I skipped a day… whoops! Yesterday I was working all day and didn’t have time. And I was just really engrossed in The Blood of Olympus. Yes I’m guilty for binge reading after work and not doing anything productive!

This challenge is really hard. I don’t think I have ever thought about my earliest childhood memory. I can think of some of my fondest childhood memories. Some I can’t remember what order they happened in. One thing you may not know about me is that most of my family resides in East Texas. They all live in small, country towns out there. Some of my earliest, fondest memories I can think of are out there in the boonies. My dad and I would go out there every weekend once school was out. I remember going quite a bit before I started school as well because I have memories of my mom out there with us and they completely separated when I was around 5 years old.

My grandparents have this tiny, old house on several acres of land. The acreage has been in our family for almost 200 years. There are lots of cows, horses, coyotes, roadrunners, snakes, owls, deer, and all kinds of other wildlife out there in the sticks! I remember going out there and just wandering around the woods out on their land all day with my cousin, Nick. It was either go wander around or go fishing. (Until we got the four-wheeler!) I just have so many fond memories out there from when I was little. From having family camp outs on the land, to cook outs, to holidays! Not to mention my grandmother is the best cook ever. Going out there was always a treat!

There is this old barn across the road from my grandparents house and my grandfather use to tell me and my cousins scary stories about it. He would say “Rastus and Amos live over yonder and they don’t like little kids so don’t you ever go wanderin’ off over there.” Apparently these Rastus and Amos characters would beat kids silly for coming on to there property. My dad once dared us to walk over and touch the barn. Of course we did… or tried. We walked over with my grandfather and my dad went through the woods without us knowing. Right when we got up close to the barn my dad started throwing rocks at the barn wall to scare us. Needless to say, it worked! My cousin ran off screaming like a little sissy pants and I jumped up on my grandfather. Now that I think about it, it was probably pretty mean of my dad and grandfather to do that. But also kind of funny… Poor kids.

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