One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog

The rules for this award are:

Thank the person who nominated you for the award
Display the banner/sticker/logo on your blog
Share 7 facts or things about yourself
Nominate 15 bloggers that you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog

I would like to thank for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. I have been blogging, a little inconsistently, for about a year now. This summer I made it a point to start writing more. I really appreciate this award for lighting that fire under my a** and keeping me writing! It feels good to know people like/care about the things you are writing! So thank you!

7 Facts About Me
1. My name is Destinee, but I have gone by Des my entire 23 years of life.
2. I am from Texas and I have the accent to prove it.
3. Writing is a passion of mine but it also scares the heebeejeebees out of me 🙂
4. Reading is my second passion and it is my comfort blanket.
5. The number one food I hate is potato salad. I’m not sure how people stand it.
6. I have 3 younger brothers, all of which, are significantly younger than I am. Two are in elementary school and one has not started yet.
7. Sometimes I draw. I’m pretty decent at it but I wish I had the time and patience to improve.


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