The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan

I am deeply saddened by the fact that I have finished this book. My love for Camp Half-Blood and all of the Greek and Roman demigods grows with each book. Not to mention that I am also a huge fan of The Kane Chronicles, Riordan’s Egyptian mythology series. It’s entertaining and a learning experience with ever book! It was probably his intention but I grew very attached to Leo Valdez in this novel. He’s just so witty and goofy! I can’t believe this book is over. I want to know what happened with him and Calypso! And I want Leo’s friends to find solace! The feeling that is, not Will of the Apollo clan! 😉

With how many characters these novels accumulated, there could be multitudes of sub-series. Hazel and Frank could fight off the rest of the world despite their strageness! Reyna needs to find her other half! *COUGH NICO COUGH* Percy and Annabeth could go to college! Percy and and Carter from The Kane Chronicles could meet up again! Perhaps in college. And what about Grover? I’m kind of sad about how little he’s been in there for the past books. He should have had more of a part to play. I like Tyson and all, but I never grew an attachment to him like I did with ol’ reliable Grover!

The possibilities are endless. As sad as I am about this series coming to an end, I am beyond excited about Riordan’s new adventures with Norse Mythology and Magnus Chase. And come on, if you read the Cassandra Clare series you’re excited about this as well just because there is going to be another Magnus character to fall in love with.

Speaking of which, The Bane Chronicles made their debut today and I do not have it! I need to fix this ASAP because Magnus Bane is my favorite character out of all of The Mortal Instruments novels.

Peace, Love, and Percy Jackson!


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