31 Day Blog Challenge: My Guilty Pleasure

31 day blog challenge

Ooooooohhh this is a tough one.

Some people would call my love of middle grade and young adult literature a “guilty pleasure” because I am 23 years old. I have totally gotten looks from friends when they see I am reading angsty teen novels. But I feel like reading YA and books like Percy Jackson are becoming more normal. I truly believe this started with John Green’s novels. Looking For Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars are definitely “teen lit” but they hit close to home for adults as well because everyone experiences loss and he had such a great way of talking about the untalkable.

Anywho!For a guilty pleasureI would have to admit that I have a love for cheesy tv shows like The O.C. and Revenge that are borderline soap operas. What can I say!? I love the drama! Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts forever!

Another guilty pleasure of mine would have to be Cosmo magazines… I know! I know! They’re horrible! They’re practically smut magazines with all of their “How To’s” with sex and crazy, psycho ex stories. I mostly get them when they have a celebrity I like on the front. I think Taylor Swift is on the new one! I may have to get it. But it kills me to pay $5 for a magazine… They’re my special treat on days that suck. I really like In Touch and People magazine too. They have awesome crosswords and Sudoku puzzles. But don’t tell anyone I told you that 😉


3 thoughts on “31 Day Blog Challenge: My Guilty Pleasure

  1. Point 1. I love Cosmo.
    Point 2. Teenaged/ high school — yada yada — books and movies delight me for some really weird reason and I don’t admit that to many, hahah!
    Point 3. Guess that means a) we’re blogging twins or b) these are considered NORMAL.
    What’s normal anyway?

    Lol sorry for commenting on all of them. I get ahead of myself since I had to answer some of these (hard) questions and it’s nice relating to someone else. 🙂
    That’s the point of these anyway, right?

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