31 Day Blog Challenge: Most Proud Moment

This one was easy. If not a little embarrassing.

I was in the book club in high school and my junior year I ran for book club president. Shockingly, I won! I had never one any title or position before then. It was definitely my most proud moment. However, I was a football trainer in high school and I got a lot of crap for it from all of the football players. One good thing about being in multiple clubs in high school was that I got lots of people to join! I was in FCA, theatre, and I was a trainer for football and soccer. (I suckered in several of my friends to go to a book club meeting and they loved it!) Our librarian was really cool and we would go see book to film adaptions (Like Twilight!) for our field trips and then we would go out for lunch after.

When I look back now I don’t feel embarrassed. I’m still friends with my high school librarian on Facebook and the book club actually still has the name we gave it the year I was president, “The Book Thieves”. The name came from the book The Book Thief. I have never actually read that book but everyone else in the book club had and they voted on it. I guess I should pick it up one day and read it since it was good enough to be made into a film… and our book club official name.

31 day blog challenge


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