31 Day Blog Challenge: Dream Job

I’m skipping a few of the days in the 31 Day Blog Challenge, but I thought the prompts were a little dull. I mean, I could make a post about what’s in my purse but it would bore me. If if would bore me then I know it would bore other people. I can tell you in one short list what’s “in my Handbag.” Carmex, eye liner, car keys, hand sanitizer, and my wallet. The end! I also skipped the Timeline of My Day prompt. Right now I’m on break for Thanksgiving and all I’ve been doing is running errands and studying. Again, not so exciting.

31 day blog challenge

So today I thought I would write about my dream job. My dream job has been the same since I was a kid. I have loved reading since I was in the 4th grade and I would love nothing more than to be a book publisher or editor. Or even reviewer! Do people actually make a living doing that? I went into college a English major because I had these crazy notions that I would become a fabulous, extra talented book publisher when I grew up. I thought I would graduate and then immediately get a job with Penguin or Harper Collins! Once I got out of college I realized there’s not really a market for that in Texas. Maybe in Austin but I had to move back home to Dallas right after college. Sure I could try chasing the dream and move to New York or California., but I would have to live in the subway station with all of the rats until I made it big. IF I made it big.

Another dream job of mine is to become a famous author. Like Ellen Hopkins and write about the nitty gritty stuff or J.K. Rowling and create an escape for those living in the nitty gritty. However, I find that I spend more time reading than writing. I have decided that I will set aside time this summer when I am done teaching to hope back on that literary horse! Practice makes perfect right? The only thing I have trouble with is finishing ideas. I can come up some fun ideas but I have so much trouble seeing them through to the end! I think it’s mostly that I lose confidence halfway in.

But there you have it! Both of my dream jobs are centered around books forever and always 🙂


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