31 Day Blog Challenge: If I Won the Lottery…

31 day blog challenge

If I won the lottery… I would buy all of the books! ALL of the books.

But other than the buying of all of the books I would, of course, give money to my family. I would want to help them out as much as I could.

I would pay off all of my debt. Student loans, car payment, credit cards, etc. And all of my fiances!

I would buy my fiance a new car and get us a bigger apartment. I guess I could get us a house but I would want to travel if we had won the lottery and that would be hard if we had a house to take care of.

I would want to travel to Europe, Asia, and South America. I would want to spend a year or so traveling and just writing about my journey! I have a cousin in China right now and she backpacks around and teaches English for a living. So far she has lived in Chile, China, Spain, and she is about to move to Australia. Living the dream! I would love to see all of those places.

Lastly, I would invest my money. Either in property or in a business. I would want to keep making money so that my family would never have to worry about finances again.

I’ve thought about this before… Can you tell? This is something my fiance and I talk about all the time! It’s just so fun to imagine how things could be different and all of the things that you would do given the chance!


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