31 Day Blog Challenge: My Worst Habits

I’m doing another two-fer today since I have been slacking again on the blog posts recently.

To be honest, this challenge really gets down to the nitty-gritty. I have confessed my worst fears, my guilty pleasures, an old photo of me, and now my worst habits. My soul is exposed!

Bad Habit #1: Pulling out my eyelashes. I think I mentioned this awhile back in another post but I have Trichotillomania. This is an anxiety disorder which cause me to have the very bad habit of pulling out my eyelashes. I have done this for going on 21 years now. It’s always been something that has embarrassed me but it’s not too noticeable as long as I wear eyeliner. It was worse in elementary school when I couldn’t wear make-up to school, if you can imagine. And little kids can be cruel. It’s something I have tried working on again and again, but for them to even make it to the halfway point of growing I have to have acrylic nails on constantly. It’s a comfort thing.

Bad Habit #2: Turning down the radio in my car as soon as someone starts talking. (Including myself) My friends laugh and poke fun at me all the time because if we’re driving anywhere in the car with the radio on and someone starts speaking, I immediately turn down the radio. I didn’t think it was that weird, I just like to hear what people are saying! I hate yelling over the radio… Okay talking over the radio.

Bad Habit #3: Spacing out when people are talking to me. Yes I know! A horrible habit. If I am thinking really hard about something you may as well just wait to say whatever you are going to say to me. I cannot focus on multiple things at once! I am a horrible multi-tasker and multi-focuser. Although, I do think teaching has improved that area some. There is absolutely no way you can focus on one thing at a time with 21 9 year olds in one room. It’s just not possible.

31 day blog challenge


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