Preparing for My Big Girl Job

I feel so thankful right now. This is all of the teaching materials one of the teachers gave me who I worked with during my student teaching. I had just been talking to another teacher about how expensive it can get just putting your classroom together. And you know what she told me? She told me that buying the books and fabric for your classroom are the most expensive parts! I definitely have the book part covered and the fabric she gave me is definitely going to help.

Look at all these boxes!





Hopefully my classroom will come with some bookshelves! All I’ve been doing today is looking up 2nd grade curriculum, activities, and classroom set ups and classroom management. I only have until January 5th to prepare!!!

Our entire bedroom is stockpiled with teaching materials and wedding supplies. We’re running out of room! Now if only I could get my catering and cake settled. I still have no idea what I’m doing in that area.

Other than that, my best friend and I have been finishing up our last class and watching Vlogmas videos on YouTube and drinking wine all night 🙂 I made dinner, went grocery shopping, and squeezed some Modern Family in there as well. She got me hooked on the show last weekend! Manny and Clare are my favorite characters. I want a cute, nerdy, sweet kid just like Manny! (Minus the aftershave and the 90s shirts.)

After watching all of the Vlogmas videos today, all I want to do is go out and buy presents and buy Girl Online by Zoe Sugg for myself. I love watching her and Tanya Burr and I bet her book is amazing. This is just our typical girls night in 🙂 on a Saturday… Yeah, we’re cool.



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