31 Day Blog Challenge: Pet Peeves

I have several of these unfortunately. The first one being when people do not replace the toilet paper roll after they use all of it! This may seem small but after living with a male for 2 years that has never mastered this taxing common courtesy, it becomes a big deal. If there’s no stinking toilet paper just get out a new roll under the sink and put on the roller! 5 second task tops! But no… I have gotten to where I check the roller before I even sit down to do my business.

My second pet peeve is when people leave dishes out around the house… like with food still caked in them. Gross! Take your dirty dish to the sink and rinse it out at least! That’s how people get bugs in their house. I probably sound like a clean freak but I’m really not. I try to keep things tidy but I hate deep cleaning anything like the bathroom or the floors. Loose hairs all over the ground gross me out more than anything and that’s what you come across most in the bathroom and when sweeping the floors! Especially when you are a girl with long hair, or if you live with one.

My next pet peeve is when people do not give you the courtesy wave after you let them over in front of you. I know this isn’t a big deal but it’s seriously pushes my buttons the wrong way. It’s like when you hold the door open for someone and they don’t have the decency to say “Thank you” or to even look in your direction.

Those are the only 3 pet peeves I can come up with. (4 if you count the not saying “Thank you”) Manners are important! 31 day blog challenge


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