Angelfall by Susan Ee


WOW! This book was crazy. Crazy good. I was a little leery of starting this one because I could never actually find it in bookstores. I had to order it online. I wound up buying it because I saw so many bookstagramers and booktubers praising it. They would talk about how fast paced it was and how awesome the story was. I must say I agree. It took me 3 days to read this one, and I stayed up until 2am to finish it because it was so amazing. I really love the main character Penryn and Raffe. Penryn kind of reminded me of Cassie from The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. She’s really stubborn, but has a huge heart while also being a hot mess. Susan Ee made this novel a wonderful mixture of fantasy, sci-fi, teen “kind-of” romance, teen awkwardness, and darkness. Her writing style is so witty! I loved it. I was sitting on the edge of my seat through all of the action and quietly giggling to myself the rest of the time because it had a lot of really funny dry humor.

I will say though, this book is not for the faint of heart. This book takes a quick swerve to dark and gore at the end. And at some points it could get downright disturbing. I’m not really sure where they are going with the angels in this story but it was so awesome and horrible at the same time that I could not put it down. I ordered World After right before I finished Angelfall and I cannot wait to see where Ee is going to take us next in this story. There are so many twisted aspects of this story that it’s crazy how good it is. There’s the “evil” angels in their Zoot Suits that come out of nowhere and take over sending the world spiraling into an apocalyptic mess. There’s strange little beings running around eating people and no one knows what they are for most of the book. There’s Penryn and her family, her mom and sister. Her sister is wheelchair bound because of something their clinically disturbed mother did when she was a child, and her mother swears demons are always out to get her. Strangely though, she tries as hard as Penryn to save her youngest daughter Paige from the angels. Then on top of all of this, there’s a Walking Dead-like resistance camping out in the woods plotting to overthrow the angels. And guess what! They’re actually kind of hardcore like that. This novel was so fast paced and easy to get into. I thought the whole angel corruption would deter me from finishing the story but you realize that there’s more to the story, the reader just doesn’t find that out until the end!

This is a great book to read if you’re looking for something dark and a little different. I was pleasantly surprised… and maybe a little afraid to sleep with my lights off.


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