The Real World Tomorrow

I am suppose to go meet all of the kiddos I am going to have in my class come January. This week I am going to go observe the classes they are in now so that I can make the transition into my class as smooth as possible. It was all excitement the past few weeks but now I am getting really nervous. I think it’s mostly because I have’t received my test results back from last Wednesday. I still have to take my ESL certification test this Friday too. I need to get as much studying down today as I can since I’ll be observing and putting my classroom together this week. I am suppose to have my classroom done by Thursday at 1pm so that the parents can come see the room their children are being added too and so they can put a face with my name. I am so anxious! I haven’t had to do parent conferences or anything like that yet. But I guess the best way to learn is to just jump right in! That’s how it went with my student teaching and I feel much more prepared for the teaching world. My mom said she would take off a day this week to come help me set my classroom up, I really hope she can since she’s been teaching for 19 years. I have no idea what I should even be buying because I don’t know if the school is going to provide anything like shelves, binders, markers, etc. If any teachers out there have any advice I would love to hear it!


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