Week one!

I survived my first week as a 2nd grade teacher. It was a whirlwind at the beginning of the week.

For starters, we left Plano on Christmas Eve and stayed in Forney a few days with my parents and then flew to Virginia on the 26th. This was the first time I had seen most of my fiances family in a year (before we go engaged!). We spent half the time in Virginia and the other half in Maryland. While we were there we celebrated Christmas and New Years with them. They are Hispanic (from El Salvador) so they eat 12 grapes (uvas) right at midnight and have to finish them before 12:01, so that they have good luck for each of the 12 months in the new year. This is quite a bit different than my family’s tradition of eating cabbage and black-eyed peas for wealth and health in the new year! It’s always fun learning more about his culture. I feel like our cultures are so different even though we were born and raised in Texas. At least until he was 14.

While we were there we also went shopping in Georgetown, tried a Tapas restaurant in Bethesda, went snow-tubing in West Virginia, and his mother taught us how to Merengue and Salsa dance! The whole trip was full of new experiences. Such a great way to start off the new year! The next time we see most of his family will be at our wedding in May.

We were up North from December 26th until January 3rd. And I had to go back to work on the 5th. Luckily it was a teacher workday that Monday so I had an extra day to prepare before the kiddos started back. My best friend on the other hand, got into her new classroom on Sunday January 4th and had to start teaching the next day! She hadn’t even met her team yet! I would have been a mess that whole week but she’s a lot better at handling stress than I am. Actually, she had just gotten home from Virginia on the 3rd as well. My mom came and picked the 3 of us up from the airport. It was a great vacation up North but a few breather days in between traveling and starting a new job would have been nice. They always say you do the best at things that you are thrown into! The successes and failures show you what you’re made of. All in all, I would say that I had a pretty great first week. I feel much more prepared for next week than I did this past week and I plan on sleeping in this weekend. I have a few pictures of the break as well, but they’re still on my camera. Whomp.


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