Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree

Why do I not remember this book from my childhood? I remember the green cover but I did not remember what it was about.

I read it to my second grade class today. We use it a Social Studies lesson about goods/services and wants/needs and how they are interrelated. Holy cow, I almost started crying while I was reading it. From a CHILDRENS BOOK! It had the same effect as the first time I watched the movie Up. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to crawl in a hole in cry for years or to bake cookies and be happy with the simple things in life as long as I got to spend time with my loved ones. I think growing up I just had his poetry books like Where the Sidewalk Ends and I mostly remember that one being funny, not sad. It’s been about 10-12 years since I had read anything by him though.

I am definitely going out this weekend and buying it for my home collection. Any other emotion wrenching books out there that I need to read??? I would love to get my hands on them! Lately in my class I have been on a fractured fairytale kick. We’ve read Armadilly ChiliThe Three Little Gators, and Bubba The Cowboy Prince. I think my favorite is Bubba. I love Cinderella and it’s set in Texas! It doesn’t get much better than that! My kids went crazy over the Fairy Godcow. They’re been making comparison charts over the good and evil characters in the stories and the Fairy Godcows have definitely been the most interesting illustrations.


One thought on “Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree

  1. I have his last poetry book, Everything On It.

    I bought it when I was pregnant, because I was excited to read his poems to my daughter. I remember reading Where the Sidewalk Ends when I was little, and absolutely loving the silly poems.

    Reading his work now, I was surprised at how melancholy and reflective some of his poems were!

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