Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

I was disappointed in this book. I wanted it to be great! There were several great quotes in the beginning and even the dedication was awesome:

“For the girls with messy hair and thirsty hearts.”

Jodi Lynn Anderson, Tiger Lily

I loved it in the beginning. But halfway through I feel like Anderson got tired of being poetic. All of the awesome quotes stopped and it just got sad. I know, we all know that Peter ends up with Wendy and Tiger Lily is left in Neverland but still. I feel like there could have been more beauty in it. Not only that but I really liked the character Phillip in the beginning and was curious about how he tied into the story but by the end the reader winds up hating him. He’s judgemental and ruins all of the happiness in the story. Not only that but Tik Tok’s story abruptly ends and there’s no good-bye. I hated that. There should have been more. Maybe it was tied to Tiger Lily losing the clock. I don’t know.

My expectations were high for this book because of how great it started off but then the book let me down. I was hoping for much more. Luckily, I really got into Outlander by Diana Gabaldon after. I think it’s my new obsession.

Books I Would Love to See Adapted to Film

When there’s a lull in the movie industry I start thinking about all of the books I wish someone would make into movies! I think the next movies coming out that I am looking forward to are Cinderella with Rose from Downton Abbey and Furious 7, the next Fast & Furious movie. I know! Those are completely different but I’m a sucker for a good fairytale and basically anything with Vin Diesel.

My picks of books that are deserving of a movie are:

1. A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray. This one I chose mostly because it almost was made into a movie but then funding or something fell through several years ago.

2. The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu. It will be better than The Hunger Games! These books are amazingly fast paced. I feel like it would be really challenging to find an actor for Day. I’m not even real sure how I picture him in my mind other than tough… and blonde…. and smart.

3. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. The only thing with these books is that they are sci-fi. These would have to be done really well to work. Anything that is high fantasy or sci-fi is hit or miss. Like Terra Nova, or The Mortal Instruments. I feel like both projects had so much potential and fell short because the things that weren’t done well were awful! I would also be extremely disappointed if the actress who portrayed Cinder sucked. She needs a good, strong actress.

4.The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Although, in my mind, this one would play out better as a movie mini series. Almost like Outlander. It would need to be fanciful and extravagant without over-doing it. I would also hope that they would use all of Morgenstern’s language from the novel. It’s beautiful.

5. Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Page. I follow this author on Instagram and she seems like a pretty cool, adventurous person. If they made this awesome story into a movie I would hope that she would be as behind the scenes as possible and sprinkling her awesomeness all over it. The story is just so much darker than you think going into it and it’s so well thought out. I think it would be amazing.

My (Very Late) New Years Resolutions

I am a little late on this but I went back and forth on posting my New Years Resolutions.

For one, can anyone out there tell me they stuck with their resolutions until the very end of the year? I think it’s great to have goals but I think people are so optimistic at the start of a new year that they make unrealistic goals.

Secondly, there’s so many areas I would like to improve in and things I would like to get done. I just had to narrow it down to some achievable goals.

1) Get all of my wedding planning done by the first week of May. As in, have everything ordered and my house ready to take to the venue by our set date.

2) Being as organized as possible in my classroom. I know all of you teachers out there know this, but teaching is crazy sometimes. You HAVE to be able to multitask. By the end of the day there’s so many papers and odds and ends on my desk that I want to scream! And this is my first year teaching so I’m still finding places for everything. Lately I have been making folders for all of my units and I just bought a File-o-Fax from Target yesterday to sort all my different station work by subject and TEKS. I just have all of my stations thrown in a filing cabinet and messily arranged in a binder that is falling apart. So we’re off to a good start!

3) I read 37 books in 2014. I want to surpass that by 3 this year. 40 books for 2015! I’ve been swamped with teaching and wedding planning so I have only completed 2 so far. We’ll see how this one goes. I’ll always have summer!

4) Have a healthier lifestyle. I’m not going to lie, with teaching sometimes I don’t get off until 6pm and I’m tired after work and I just want to eat. Sometimes Ricardo will cook dinner before I get home but sometimes he doesn’t have time so we end up getting no so healthy things to eat. I started The 21 Day Fix almost 3 weeks ago and I love the workouts! I feel stronger and it’s gotten to where I do it because I enjoy it. Not because I have to do it. However, I haven’t followed the eating plan very closely so I haven’t lost weight. I can tell I’ve gained muscle but no weight has come off. Therefore, I went to the store yesterday and I got all greens and lean meats and I’m starting a low carb diet today with Ricardo. No more pasta and we’re cutting out some fruits. Did you know fruits can be really carby and not that good for you??? Who knew! We bought things like asparagus, snap peas, salad, LOTS of chicken, tuna, broccoli, beans, eggs, Greek yogurt, milk, turkey deli meat, grapes, and brown rice. Here goes nothing!

5) I want to have our honeymoon planned by May as well. We’re thinking about California. We’ve talked about roadtrippin’ it to Cali and hitting The Grand Canyon and Vegas on the way or on the way back. We have also talked about just flying to San Fransisco and staying for 9 days. Any suggestions? He’s been to California before and I haven’t. If we go to the San Fran area I definitely want to go to the Muir Woods Park. It looks beautiful!

6) And lastly, write more, blog more and be more consistent. There’s always room for improvement with writing!

What Goes Up Must Come Down.

Life has been going great in 2015. I’ve gotten a lot of wedding planning done, we got to go visit my fiances family on the East Coast, things with my family have been great, I started my first teaching job and I love it, and we’re planning on moving pretty soon to a bigger place. Then I called my grandmother earlier this week on my way home from work. (Which I should do more often.) I was calling looking for my dad actually when she randomly started telling me about how she hadn’t been feeling good. She started telling me that her legs and her back had been hurting.

One thing you should probably know about my grandmother is that she is a tough ole broad. Which is an understatement in her case. She’s put up with my grandfather for years, which is no easy feat. He’s probably one of the coldest people I have ever met in my life. Picture Archie Bunker and Red Foreman from That 70’s Show. That’s my grandfather. He’s never really been warm and fuzzy toward anyone. Him and my grandmother were both alcoholics for years but we mostly figured to live with someone like him that you would have to be. She also had been a smoker since she was in high school. But it never seemed to slow her down any.

Then there’s my dad. My dad made more than a few mistakes in his life…and mine. He also struggled with substance abuse for a few years there and did some time for it. It definitely took it’s toll on my grandmother. She was the one who always tried to save him no matter what. She would spend every penny she had. Not to mention she went through losing her parents almost simultaneously back when I was in middle school. She has two sisters but she was the one who lived the closest to them and always bends over backwards for those she loves.

She’s odd in a sense that she never does it with a smile. She’s one of those people who is a good person but doesn’t want you to point it out or make a spectacle of her. I’ve never seen her turn her back on any of us though. Especially my dad and my grandfather.

My dad called me earlier and started talking to me about how worried he is about her because she’s not someone who “gets down.” She’s always the backbone of the family. She’s got a very “Git-r-done”, East Texan attitude about her. Apparently she has lost a substantial amount of weight and out of nowhere quit drinking and smoking, after doing both on a daily basis the majority of her life. I don’t know about you but that sounds ridiculously hard. How do you quit those kinds of habits cold turkey that you’ve had for so long? That’s what made me worried. Why would you quit unless you had something to worry about… like your health. From when I talked to her, she sounds afraid to go to the doctor. She brushes it off like she doesn’t want to waste her time, but my dad has been telling me she hasn’t been herself lately and that he can tell she’s in pain every time he sees her.

I really hope she’s okay. Her and my other grandmother raised me until I was a pretty big kid in elementary. I’ve never even thought about a world without my grandparents. I’ve never even thought about her being ill or anything. She has always been so tough that I thought she would outlive us all. I can’t even think of a time when she has been sick with a cold or anything.


It’s so strange to see any kind of weakness in someone that has always looked so tough in your eyes. It makes me sad and feel helpless. I think we’re all to the point that if she doesn’t make herself an appointment we’re just going to drag her to the doctor kicking and screaming. I plan on calling her tomorrow and pushing the doctor appointment some more. How do you make someone do something they’re afraid to do?