My (Very Late) New Years Resolutions

I am a little late on this but I went back and forth on posting my New Years Resolutions.

For one, can anyone out there tell me they stuck with their resolutions until the very end of the year? I think it’s great to have goals but I think people are so optimistic at the start of a new year that they make unrealistic goals.

Secondly, there’s so many areas I would like to improve in and things I would like to get done. I just had to narrow it down to some achievable goals.

1) Get all of my wedding planning done by the first week of May. As in, have everything ordered and my house ready to take to the venue by our set date.

2) Being as organized as possible in my classroom. I know all of you teachers out there know this, but teaching is crazy sometimes. You HAVE to be able to multitask. By the end of the day there’s so many papers and odds and ends on my desk that I want to scream! And this is my first year teaching so I’m still finding places for everything. Lately I have been making folders for all of my units and I just bought a File-o-Fax from Target yesterday to sort all my different station work by subject and TEKS. I just have all of my stations thrown in a filing cabinet and messily arranged in a binder that is falling apart. So we’re off to a good start!

3) I read 37 books in 2014. I want to surpass that by 3 this year. 40 books for 2015! I’ve been swamped with teaching and wedding planning so I have only completed 2 so far. We’ll see how this one goes. I’ll always have summer!

4) Have a healthier lifestyle. I’m not going to lie, with teaching sometimes I don’t get off until 6pm and I’m tired after work and I just want to eat. Sometimes Ricardo will cook dinner before I get home but sometimes he doesn’t have time so we end up getting no so healthy things to eat. I started The 21 Day Fix almost 3 weeks ago and I love the workouts! I feel stronger and it’s gotten to where I do it because I enjoy it. Not because I have to do it. However, I haven’t followed the eating plan very closely so I haven’t lost weight. I can tell I’ve gained muscle but no weight has come off. Therefore, I went to the store yesterday and I got all greens and lean meats and I’m starting a low carb diet today with Ricardo. No more pasta and we’re cutting out some fruits. Did you know fruits can be really carby and not that good for you??? Who knew! We bought things like asparagus, snap peas, salad, LOTS of chicken, tuna, broccoli, beans, eggs, Greek yogurt, milk, turkey deli meat, grapes, and brown rice. Here goes nothing!

5) I want to have our honeymoon planned by May as well. We’re thinking about California. We’ve talked about roadtrippin’ it to Cali and hitting The Grand Canyon and Vegas on the way or on the way back. We have also talked about just flying to San Fransisco and staying for 9 days. Any suggestions? He’s been to California before and I haven’t. If we go to the San Fran area I definitely want to go to the Muir Woods Park. It looks beautiful!

6) And lastly, write more, blog more and be more consistent. There’s always room for improvement with writing!


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