Cress by Marissa Meyer

I could not have loved this book more! I loved Cinder, but I wasn’t too crazy about Scarlet. I’m not a huge fan of Scarlet or Wolf actually. I love Cinder because she is independent and witty. She doesn’t technically need anyone. She’s survived without Iko, Peony, and Kai on different occasions and she always finds a way to pull through whatever situation is thrown at her. I really like Cress’ character as well. She’s quirky. I love how socially awkward she is from being stuck on a tiny satellite for most of her life. And I love her with Thorne! They are two peas in a pod. Two very different, random peas but they go together. Scarlet on the other hand always seemed so needy to me. Her and Wolf threw themselves at each other and it was like Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s relationship (in the movie not the book). Overly cheesy, a little uncomfortable, and too much angsty drama.

I was hesitant about going on to Cress because I was afraid I wouldn’t like her character. But the book is action packed, witty, and suspenseful! I had already guessed about Dr. Erland and Cress but I love the way it played it out. I liked how Meyer didn’t give a happy ending to everyone in the story. It made the story more believable. Although it did tear my heart into a million pieces… I thought she did really well tying all of the stories together in this novel as well. And how she Scarlet wasn’t in it too much… I know that’s horrible to say but I liked that.

However, I did love the last scene with Scarlet and Winter. She is going to make an excellent addition to this series. She’s also quirky (or crazy!) like Cress but has a big heart and seems fearless like Cinder. I can’t wait to read the next installment! I have to know what happens with Cinder and Winter! Will it be a battle between the two? Will Cinder give Winter Luna and move back to New Beijing with Emperor Kai??? I have to know!

I also really want Thorne to get his eyesight back 😦 He’s been so brave throughout this tragic turn of events for himself. I think they are humbling him though. Cress is probably helping too. I think they ground each other. She’s a little less head in the clouds, and he’s less in love with himself.

I did buy Fairest at Barnes and Noble awhile back when I purchased Cress. I haven’t read it yet though. I usually take breaks between book series just so that I can enjoy them longer and so that I don’t become burnt out on a series. I am currently reading Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon but I will probably read another book along with it since it’s huge and has microscopic print in it. Outlander took me forever to read but it was well worth it.

Anywho, I definitely recommend Cress to those who have read the series. I’m not sure if everyone else felt the same as I did about Scarlet but it’s worth pushing yourself through it to get to the action in Cress, and to see all of the stories come together.Cress


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