Outlander by Diana Gabaldon Review

I finished this book about two weeks ago. I loved it but it took me forever to read! Not that I didn’t like it, but the edition that I have is very large and has tiny print. I felt so old because I kept having to use my bookmark to keep my place on the page! At several points my head started bothering me from the small print on the page.

One of these days I just need to invest in Audible. I have several friends that have it and love it! They listen to it when they drive, when they’re working out, during bubble baths, etc. I just hate paying a monthly fees for things! Bills give me enough anxiety as it is!

Anyway, I loved the book. It had several parts that surprised me. The whole Jamie Fraser and Captain Randall debacle was tough to swallow in certain parts but I assume it was meant to be that way. I actually really liked all the going-ons with the MacKenzie’s! They sure are a devious bunch but they were definitely entertaining. I found myself disliking them but also feeling sympathy towards them sporadically throughout the novel. They seemed like a good mixture of good guy and bad guy, but by the end Dougal made my mind up for me.

I really wish there had been more to the story with Geillis Duncan as well! Her character seemed so illusive the whole time! And right when you’re getting a few answers in the end she’s ripped away from the story! I just started book two Dragonfly in Amber, so I’m hoping Claire can find some answers from her. If she can find her! Or if she is even there! If she so called died in the 1700’s then wouldn’t she not be around in the 1960’s? All of this time traveling is hard to keep up with. I’m still trying to get a grasp on how it all works. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they keep the show true to the books! If they do I will definitely keep watching.

As for Claire Randall, and her moral dilemma throughout the book. I think she was justified in marrying Jamie. Yeah she was married to Frank but he sucked right off the bat. 1) You can tell he cheated on her while they were both away at war. 2) He was way more into his own personal history than his marriage. 3) He reminded me too much of Jonathon Randall eventually and I just couldn’t look at him as a normal person. Claire herself was alright. She bothered me in the beginning. She seemed a tad smug and a lot pretentious, like her husband Frank.  I think Jamie did her some good though. He brought her back down to Earth and took her off that high horse she sat atop of. I liked her more and more by the end of the novel.

I almost felt that this book could have been a stand alone book. It’s great that there’s more to it but the ending wrapped mostly everything up and it was just A LOT in one novel. I’m sure the others will be the same way. I plan on reading other books along with the rest of this serious. As much as I like them, they are just really time consuming. If you like the show, or historical fiction in general I would highly recommend this book. If you DON”T like cheesy love stories sprinkled with lots of sex then this may not be the book for you. I like love stories as much as the next girl but some of it was a little drawn out in this book.


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