Spring Break is Finally Here!

Woooo-Hoo! my last (hopefully) certification test is over! My Spring Break didn’t start until I stepped out of the testing center today. If I passed, I will be certified to teach Early Childhood to 8th grade. I also had to take an ESL certification back in December too. I am to the point where I am tired of being in school and having to take tests. It’s Ricardo’s turn! He needs to finish up school and then maybe I will think about going back for my Masters.

As for my Spring Break plans I plan on:

1) Spending some time with Ricardo. He’s off quite a bit this week too. He got off work early yesterday so we went and bought a bunch of canvas and paints and he taught me how to paint and shade and whatnot. I was scared to try it at first, in fear of looking really stupid. I don’t have a lot of patience so doing things like painting where you have to be patient and precise are not my forte.

2) Eating with my family. One day this week I am going out with my moms family in East Texas to celebrate her birthday and my grandparents wedding anniversary. I think it’s going to be their 44th wedding anniversary. I’ll have to double check with my grandmother though. I usually try to get them different, unique things because they get tired of receiving pictures and knick-knacks. One year I emailed Mark Cuban (my grandmother is a die hard Mavericks fan) and asked if he could send me a congratulations email back with their names on it. And he did! He also sent my grandmother free tickets one year! So nice. I don’t care if all you haters are hating right now, I love Mark Cuban. I’d post what i got my mom but I never know if she reads my posts 😛

I’m also going out for my dads birthday on Saturday. And we’re trying this place out to see if we want to host our rehearsal dinner there. It’s on a lake so it should be pretty!

3) Workout. Look at all the eating I’m going to be doing! And me and Ricardo are making homemade lasagna today! I have to squeeze in workout time. We’ve worked out 3 days in a row so far, which is pretty good considering how gross the weather has been the past week.

4) Later this week I am getting my wedding dress hemmed with my bridesmaids 🙂 They’re getting their dresses done too. One less thing I have to do! After I get my dress back I can schedule my bridal portraits with my hair/makeup lady and my photographer.

5) I also need to squeeze in time to grade all the papers I brought home with me as well. Blaaaaaah. Boring. So far I have about 1/3 of it done. I’ve been doing it as we binge watch season 3 of House of Cards on Netflix. (Which is much better than the last season!) I also want to start the new Netflix original show that just came out with Erin from The Office in it. My friends say it’s hilarious!

6) Other than all that busy body stuff I plan on getting some reading in. I started Dragonfly in Amber a few days ago. I’m really liking it so far! And I want to make sure I’m ahead of the show before Outlander starts back up. I’m thinking about starting another book as well. I just haven’t decided on which yet.

I hope you all who have a Spring Break have a good one! And those of you who don’t I hope you have a great week! 🙂 I’ll have pictures later of the paintings and of the homemade lasagna. (It’s my first time making it!)


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