My Spring Break So Far

the iron trial

For Spring Break I haven’t gone to Padre, Florida, or Galveston, or any super fun beach for that matter. And for the first time ever, I am perfectly fine with that. Up until this year I have wanted to go somewhere fun or go party and have lots of plans with my friends. Don’t get me wrong… I do have some good times planned with my friends this week but we all decided to stay in Dallas for the most part. One of my best friends just started teaching in January like I did, one has a big girl job and has to work through Spring Break, and the other one is in Law school at SMU and is writing 50 million papers over her break. Needless to say, we are all happy to just have some down time. All I have been doing so far is reading and hanging out with Ricardo and my ferret Hermes at home. Ricardo has tried to teach me to paint and shade, I made homemade lasagna for the first time ever yesterday, we went out for my moms birthday and my grandparents anniversary today, and I’ve just been waking up every morning and watching House Hunters International until I decide to put grown up clothes on for the day. It’s been relaxing. I still have a stack of papers I need to grade but hey! I have the rest of this week to worry about that.


My first ever lasagna! I’m so proud of myself! I’ve always wanted to make it! Ricardo really liked it too 🙂 The recipe I used was super easy too. I found it on the Kraft website. It’s under Simply Lasagna.

sunflower painting

Here’s my painting. It’s not the best but Ricardo was proud of me. He’s a much better painter than I am. He’s always been creatively inclined, where I haven’t been. He had fun showing me how to mix the colors and how to shade 🙂 You learn something new every day!


And lastly, I caved and bought some more books today at Hastings. I told myself I was going to stop buying books and finish the ones I have first but Hastings had a 30% off all of their Young Adult section so I had to! Ricardo got some anime books and some movies too. I have to give myself a limit when I go in there or I will buy a million books! I usually don’t read contemporary books, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. Instagramers and booktubers are always raving about the trilogy (I think it’s a trilogy, right?). And I’m always intrigued by the cover of These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman. I haven’t bought it until now because I’m not the biggest sci-fi fan. I decided to try it out since I recently read The 5th Wave books by Rick Yancey and loved them! They’re technically not in space but they are about aliens, so why not!

Tomorrow I’m going with my maid of honor to get our dresses hemmed. I’m really nervous about putting my wedding dress on again. It always makes me anxious!


2 thoughts on “My Spring Break So Far

  1. These Broken Stars is AMAZING. I think it’s also a really good intro to sci-fi as the sci-fi aspects are more of a backdrop than the core of the story, which is about two people trying to survive in the wilderness and their developing relationship.

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