Blog and Vlog Genres

I started this blog off as a book blog. I love reading and I love watching book gurus do reviews on Youtube. I thought every blog had one genre. I think that’s how the blogging world started off, and maybe it’s important to start off that way in order to gain an audience. I realized that books and reading were not the only thing I had to talk about though. I started working on my career path in 2014 and it felt important to share with other people, not to share what I know about it but to share my experiences. It’s nice to share your feelings about things with people who have similar interests. It makes it all feel a little less overwhelming to know you’re not doing it by yourself. Since then my blog has been about Literature, book reviews, book-to-film adaptions, teaching, family, and my life as a “20 something”. I thought I would have followers pouring in to read my book reviews, but I’ve noticed that readers are more interested in the post about life, mostly the ups and downs. Blogging must be really popular among people in their 20’s or people in college. I seem to have the most views when I write about the awkwardness of being in your 20’s and about the struggle to be successful. I’m glad I tested the water beyond books, I feel like I have more to say and that other people like reading about it.

I remember when Taralynn McNitt of Undressed Skeleton wrote only about fitness and weight loss. I would read her blog every morning to stay inspired to eat healthy and work out. She does all kinds of stuff now! She has posts about fitness, healthy recipes, travel, city adventures, her relationships, her new clothing line, advice, etc. I think it’s good to spice things up a bit to keep readers interested. Sometimes I don’t want to read about travel so I’ll scroll over to her recipes or her advice posts.

The more I read blogs and watch Youtubers these days though, I notice that they are branching out. Ingrid Nilsen doesn’t just blog about beauty anymore. Her channel used to be nothing but make-up hauls and beauty routines. In 2014 I noticed she was doing more DIY, cooking, and lifestyle blogging. The same with Tanya Burr and Zoe Sugg. Zoe and Tanya both recently released books and so they have several videos on the writing of their books and about the publishing process.

Also, with book bloggers, and booktubers I’ve noticed an increase on film coverage. They do videos of their first impressions of book-to-film movie trailers, they create their own book trailers, and they do coverage of their meet-ups with fellow booktubers and author meet-ups.

I have to say my involvement in the blogging world has increased greatly within the last year. I liked Tanya Burr and Ingrid Nilsen but I would get bored of the beauty videos. I wanted MORE! I wanted differentiation. Ingrid does this new #5MFU channel tag, and it’s basically her stream of consciousness as she vlogs. One week she will talk about her travels between New York and California, to how she feels about success, to how writing plays a huge role in her life… I love it! I don’t have to hear the same thing all week. I wish more blogger/vloggers would change things up a bit.

If you’re a blogger I don’t think you should limit yourself to one genre. You have plenty to say and there are always other people out there who have similar interests as you! Who knows? Maybe you’re someones morning ritual read like Taralynn was mine.


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