Fairest by Marissa Meyer



This book was one of the best in between novels I have ever read. I think going into between novels, people do not nearly expect as much. For one, it’s usually from a different characters perspective, more often than not it’s one of the villains. Levana was not one of those evil character I ever had sympathy for. Most authors make you have a love-hate, or at least a sympathetic, relationship with their villains. Like Snape! I hated Levana from the beginning and I still hate her now. Although, now I am intrigued by her. She was crazy from the get-go. I think some people may make the argument about her sister, Channary, being a an evil troll to her from the start but I thought she sucked regardless.

Maybe I just have a low tolerance for neediness. Levana was needy to the extreme. Especially when it came to Hayle and Sol. Good lord. Just get over it all ready! You think she would have grown out of it and been embarrassed at some point but no. She’s such a sociopath! But she’s smart, cunning, and passionate about what she believes in. That is what makes her so scary, and that’s also what makes you respect her. She may be as crazy as a betsy-bug but at least she goes all out, guns a-blazin’. I wish I had half her confidence, even if it’s a cover-up for her vanity.

I loved how Cinder was a tough cookie from early on in life. There’s this scene in the book where she’s on a play ground as Levana is taking Winter away to “doctors visit” when she really means to kill Cinder and it’s like Cinder instinctively knows and stares her down. Ha! It made me giggle as I was reading.

The book, Fairest also included a few chapters of Winter, the last of The Lunar Chronicles series. It sounds equally as awesome. Winter seems so confident and caring, in her own way. I just want her to succeed in finding Cinder and happiness. She deserves it. I think I am always so blown away by Meyer’s work because I wasn’t expecting much out of it from the time I picked up Cinder at Barnes and Noble. I only bought the book because of all the hype. I LOVE her. absolutely love. I think in regards to world building and having the ability to make her readers fall in love with her characters puts her up there next to J.K. Rowling. I would love to meet her one day and pick her brain. Maybe it has a little to do with the fact that I took fairy-tale courses in college and have always been interested in the different versions of them. I never thought I would like books about cyborgs and space travel though. It kind of rocks my world.


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