Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

I had so much extra time on my hands today. When I was awake at least. I had to get a substitute yesterday evening because I came down with a sinus infection or maybe a really bad cold yesterday morning. I can never tell the difference between the two. Iv’e been taking Tylenol Cold and Sinus since last night but honestly the only thing that fixed my throat was a really hot green tea with a Riccola cough drop thrown in. It’s like a non-alcoholic hot tottie.

I had to get up at 5:50 this morning and drive to work to set up for the sub in my classroom. I’m not even sure if I did an adequate job at that because I was so out of it this morning from lack of sleep. Then I came home and slept off and on until 12:30. I haven’t slept that late since I don’t know when. It felt great! But then I was groggy today. From the meds or from oversleeping I don’t know. I could barely read because I felt so light headed. I eventually made some coffee and that seemed to help some.

I read 150 pages of Seraphina today. I finally finished it! It took me a week or two to get into it. Dragon books are not my favorite but I get in moods for them. I had been thinking a lot about the Eragon series lately because I want to buy it for Ricardo so he can read them and I think that’s what made me pick up Seraphina.

This book was very interesting. I like the different take on dragons. The idea that they could become people whenever they wanted, or Saar’s as Hartman calls them. It was definitely a new theory I had come across. I also liked the way that the half dragon/half humans were marked. They weren’t all the same and I thought that was interesting.

The thing about dragon books though, is that they’re always very philosophical and deep. Sometimes too deep. Because you know… Dragons=Wisdom. Or they’re really good at riddles and what not. This book got a little too deep for me at times. I wasn’t digging the whole “mind garden” and how it needed “tending to” by Seraphina. I thought it was a little much. It was a weird concept for me to wrap my mind around and I didn’t get use to it until the end of the book. I know this is only because I saw the X-Men movies before reading this but it reminded me of how Xavier could hook his brain up to that X-Men locator machine and hunt down other “gifted” people. I didn’t like how much her garden reminded me of this. I did like the authors writing style. Which is strange because I didn’t like all of her ideas? But she was witty and clever and I enjoyed the main character Seraphina and all of her stubbornness.

My favorite character in this book was Orma. His fickleness was endearing. Does he love her as a niece? Does he not? I liked seeing the flicker of emotions and I like how much he struggled to hide them. They part ways in the end but I hope it’s not forever. I think they need each other.

As for Glisselda and Lucian. I don’t know about all that business. They seemed too much like brother and sister to me to be engaged. I know they’re cousins but still. It was weird. Surely, he ends up with Seraphina.

I’m still debating wether or not to get the next book, Shadow Scale. I can’t decide if I want to leave it where it ended or keep going. In all honesty, my interest is leaning towards other books right now. Maybe after awhile.



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