Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon


Down 2, 6 to go. Dragonfly in Amber is much like the other novels in the Outlander series. There’s still the ever gross and cold mannered Captain Black Jack Randall, though he does play a much smaller part and you see a new side to him in this book. His brother is also in it, Alex. You see that Randall does, in fact have a heart buried deep down in that dark soul of his.

Jamie and Claire throughout the book are preparing for the battle at Culloden, where all of the Jacobites are destined to be slaughtered. Can they change fate or is it meant to be? You’ll have to read to find out! 🙂

Two other main characters are surprisingly killed off in this novel as well. I guess Gabaldon was feeling Martin-esque. Although I wasn’t too sad to see them go.

I really enjoyed Claire and Jamie’s adventures in France. It was something new and different from them being in Scotland. They were in the city in the middle of all of the famous socialites of that time. Jamie had agreed to take over his cousin Jared’s wine business while he did business elsewhere. It set a new tone for the Outlander story.

The end was somewhat gut wrenching. Claire ended up having to force herself through the standing stones and Jamie was left without her. At first I wasn’t the biggest fan of the switches between the 1700’s and the 1960’s. It seemed odd that Gabaldon started this novel about 20 years in the future. Even if Claire and Brianna go back now at some point Claire and Jamie will have aged 20 some odd years! That’s so much time they have missed together! I almost stopped reading 3 chapters in. But Gabaldon drew me back in. She’s very talented at keeping the little details interesting. It could have been very boring but she is great at throwing the reader back and forth and toying with their emotions.

I started Voyager a few days ago and it has also been eye opening. I am about 225 pages in, and so far the reader is getting more information of Claire and Frank’s marriage and how their resentment built up after she returned from 1743. It sounds like they had a pretty depressing life together and it makes you feel for Claire. You see how reserved and lonely she became after Jamie, but she holds onto Brianna very tightly because she reminds her of her father.


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