Teach Like a Pirate!


Last Friday we had Teach Like a Pirate! at our school. Essentially you put together an over the top lesson showcasing what you can do. I am a second grade teacher and some of the lessons the other teachers did were:

MATH: Creating a pirate ship using construction paper tiles on butcher paper and then having the students figure out the area and perimeter of their ships.

SCIENCE: Discovering different animal adaptions such as blubber to keep warm (with Crisco filled baggies in ice chest) and     animal camouflaging by creating an animal that adapts to their environment. (They used different scrapbook paper as                 the environment and the kids had to camouflage their animal with construction paper and designs. Also, they tested                   different kinds of birds beaks by picking up candy with various utensils such as tweezers, tongs, and spoons to see                   which worked best.

WRITING: My class! 🙂 I sent up “Camp Write-A-Long” in my class. We did acrostic poems with the words CAMPFIRE,         FIREWOOD, and FIREFLIES. We had a story writing station where they could buddy write and then type their stories to               take home. And lastly, we did a sensory writing station with S’Mores! We had them describe all of the ingredients with                 their senses (they did the taste sense last). They loved it! It was so much fun! And so many of the kids enjoyed writing!               As a lover of words and a teacher, this made my heart so happy!

IMG_4100 IMG_4115 IMG_4097 IMG_4095


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