Influenza at it’s Finest

I have missed 3 days of work this week, and I am missing my kiddos field trip tomorrow :/ I have been sick off and on for a little over a month now. What started off as allergies led to a bad sinus infection  to a full fledged flu. I was tested for Strep and the flu the other day at the doctor. Those came back negative so then they did some chest X-rays for pneumonia. Those came back negative as well, other than my lungs having lots of congestion in them. However, I was having HORRIBLE body aches Sunday evening and Monday. The doctor ran some more tests and wanted me to do a blood count test and concluded that I had a strain of flu that they did not have a vaccine for. Great! So for the past two days I’ve been at home taking a conglomerate of different flu, cough, antibiotics, and fever reducing pills. My throat and ears are feeling better but I can’t keep the high fever away. It goes back and forth between 100-103. I thought in between naps I could catch up on some reading but I’ve been way too drowsy and groggy.

So now I am missing Teachers Appreciation week, our field trip tomorrow, and 3 days of work. I am still a pretty new teacher (I started my long term sub position back in late December) and the sub plans are probably not as great as they should be! I write them out and I feel like I have made them too wordy or confusing so then I shorten them. But when I shorten them I feel like they aren’t detailed enough! The struggle!

I’m really starting to miss my kids and I so over being sick. My wedding is in 24 days and I haven’t been able to do much prep or workout. There’s no time to be sick! Ugh. I’m ready to beat this flu already.


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