End of Days by Susan Ee


The ending of this book… I cannot stop shaking my head. I feel more than a little disappointed with Susan. She’s always so witty and has a knack for throwing the reader for a loop. Like in the first novel of the trilogy, Angelfall, you think it’s just this really cool post-apocalyptic, fantasy twist on angels… and then… BAM! Nope, it’s all about that sci-fi, angel biological testing and morphing angels into scorpion hybrid things. I wa impresses.

And I was mostly impressed with End of Days, until about page 315, 15 pages away from the ending! Susan! How could you do this??? It’s like you didn’t know what to do with the end! You ALWAYS know how to make an epic ending, what were you doing!? You wrapped it up in a perfect little bow and left it there! So not your style.

I loved how Penryn and Raffe went to the Pit. And I LOVED all of the background information on Beliel. I think there should be a book just about the angels way-back-when. It would be great! I love hearing about all of the angst between them all. Maybe it would wrap up some things about Gabriel as well.

And what was all of that biological warfare with the sixer animal? They just pop up and instantly the angels just keel over??? After 3 novels of badass-ery? I feel like a completely different person wrote this book. I think we need a redo! Penryn deserves more than a rushed, not thought out ending.

I kind of just feel like this left a bad taste in my mouth.


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