Summer is Here!

Yesterday was my last day of school. I am so excited about summer vacation but it was sad to leave my classroom behind and to know I probably won’t see my kiddos again. I will miss them all. I am so glad the PTA made us little photo albums. And the staff at my school was so sweet. They got copies of Oh, the Places You Will Go! by Dr. Seuss for me and the other long term subs and they all signed it and wrote something nice in it.

The first night of my summer vacation was spent with my friends in Dallas. My friend Camille is in law school and so we stay with her when we’re in Dallas. Me and my friends Tabatha and Melissa spent the night over there and watched the Backstreet Boys documentary that came out recently. We’re so exciting, I know. (We were all big fans in the 90’s and early 2000’s.) Sadly though, the documentary was not very good. It was all about how the Backstreet Boys were Has-Beens and how they have moved on from that part of their life and still love music. It was cool seeing them all again but we all agreed it would have been better as a concert tour documentary or something. Recently they had been touring on a cruise ship. I would have much rather seen what that was all about. This documentary was just kind of sad and slow. We watched about half of it and then started playing Cards Against Humanity and watching True Life on MTV.

This morning we went to breakfast at a hole in the wall near downtown Dallas called Mama’s Daughters Diner. I was impressed! I love trying new places! Especially hole in the wall ones that you can tell are going full of character. Our waitress was such a personable lady. Straight up Texas, born and raised. She called us all “Sugar”. (And made us fresh pot of coffee 😉

From there we went to North Park! We weren’t done with our girls get together. We spent about 3 hours up there! It’s dangerous going to the mall with your best friends the day after you all get paid! Needless to say, we splurged a little. My favorite part of North Park is LUSH! They’re an all natural , organic beauty product company. Right when we walked in we were offered facials! Tab and I took them up on that! Camille grabbed a bath bomb and went business clothes hunting. My facial was with a chocolate cupcake mask and hers was a vanilla ocean salt sea scrub. They smelled amaaaazing! And they had this awesome Tea Tree Toner that we both bought. It works much better than Sea Breeze. It doesn’t leave your face all sticky after you use it.

image1                        image3

Tab                                                                                    Me

image4         This was a really good smelling lotion bar. You just rub it between your hands and rub into your arms or legs, like any other lotion and it feels exactly the same as a creme one! So cool.

image5       This was the damage done after the mall. And Camille bought me Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton so that we can read it together in honor of the new movie coming out next week! She’s read more than I have and said it’s more sci-fi than the movies. I can’t wait to get into it! I love all the movies.

image7   Camille spent a good arm and a leg today. She had to find some professional, lawyer type clothes for her internship. She practically bought out H&M and Express. Half of the fun today was watching her splurge! Every girls dream right?


This was our drink stop halfway through before we hit up Forever 21. After the mall we spent the afternoon watching more bad MTV shows and then we got to try out Serious Pizza in Deep Ellum. Best pizza ever! This is just the medium we got. It’s 18 inches. Their large pizza is 24 inches.


I love being off for summer because my friends and I actually get to see each other! We don’t see each other as much during the year because of work schedules and we all live far apart. Next week we’re planning on getting together to see Jurassic World and to talk about the first book. And Orange is the New Black comes out on the 12th! So we’ll definitely be Netflix marathoning that. Best.Summer.Ever.