I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Feeling…24!

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I turned 24 on July 11th! And guess what we did that day… we moved! We moved in the middle of the day in 100 degree weather. Fun right? That part sucked a little but we had a lot of fun that evening. My best friend, Tab, helped us move and she stayed over had a Modern Family marathon with us. We snaked on some assorted Nothing Bundt Cakes my dad and his girlfriend had bought me that day. There were some vanilla raspberry, lemon, red velvet, and chocolate ones. They’re so cute and tiny! They’re literally mini bundt cakes that look like cupcakes. I didn’t feel too bad about eating some because we had to have burned 1,001 calories easily that day. We were living on the second story in our apartment building and it was no joke moving all the furniture out.

I posted a picture of the gifts my husband and best friend gave me too because they’re so cute and festive! I love my little piñata! It’s kind of an inside joke between me and Tab but we always joked I was Hispanic on the inside because I’ve always been fascinated with the culture and language. And I’ve always had a thing for hispanic guys… starting with Howie from the Backstreet Boys. She told me “Because you’re Hispanic now!” (My new name is Chavez.) I thought it was cute!


She gave me the piñata (filled with Kit Kats!), the nail polish, and Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods by Rick Riordan. I have been NEEDING this book since it came out. I love how it’s written from Percy Jackson’s point of view. It makes me love it even more! This is going to hold me over until his new Magnus Chase series comes out. I’ve been having withdrawals.

My husband was super sweet and got me Sperrys. They’re one of those things that I’ve stopped and stared at while moseying around the mall but would probably never buy myself because they’re a little pricey. It was nice that he noticed that 🙂 Then he got me a $50 Barnes & Noble card! Heck yeah!!! My favorite kind of giftcard! I’m saving it for a day that I can go up there and get a coffee and hang out and read my new books that I buy with it. My best friend and my husband kind of rock.


The day after my birthday, when we didn’t have to do moving hooie, my best friend and her sister planned a little party at their house and made me homemade enchiladas! THEY WERE THE BEST EVER! And I even got birthday candles on them!!! They surprised me and invited 3 of my other friends and we all had about 5 heaping helpings of enchiladas and then went out for some late night karaoke off of Lower Greenville in Dallas. I didn’t actually sing last night but some of our friends did and it was great entertainment! I love karaoke! Next time I’m going to brush up on my O*Town lyrics.


These were the chicken and sour cream enchiladas, but there were also some cheese/chili con carne ones.


Me and the bestie at The Crown & Harp


Me and the hubby ❤


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