Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon


I have had this sitting on my bookshelf for several months now. I could never find it at Barnes & Noble so Ricardo ordered it for me for Valentine’s Day last year. I have seen it all over Instagram since it came out. I think this story really appeals to people who enjoy reading escapism stories. It’s very white night and shining armor rescues the princess story. Which I love! It’s not easy to pull off these stories. They can come off real cheesy if you’re not careful. This novel on the other hand is very magical and breathtaking.

It starts off with a girl named Veronica, she’s basically been kicked while she’s down her entire life but she has this one good friend who practically “shares a brain” with her. Her friend, Mackenna, is a theater/musical loving thespian who moved to a different state at some point but they have remained in constant contact. Mackenna has inherited a small cottage in Scotland and her and Vee take a trip there in the summer. Pre-Scotland vacation, Vee is having visions of a handsome, kilted Scot leading up to their trip across the Brig’a Doon. Once across the bridge both of the girls meet the handsome princes Duncan and Jamie. But is it meant to be? Is true love worth giving up your dreams? Is it worth losing your best friend?

I think this story is great for those who love the book or show Outlander. It’s like the teen equivalent to Claire and Jamie. I LOVE the Outlander series but this was a nice break from having to read 5,000 pages. It’s romantic, witty, and it’s about how the power of friendship can save you when everything else feels like it’s falling apart. There’s cute guys in quilts fighting in tournaments and modern day, Italian pizza in Doon! Every girls dream right? I give this book 5 stars. It’s one of the best fairytale books I’ve read. I love how Corp and Langdon blended reality with the perfect fairytale kingdom.

If you’re interested in purchasing this novel it’s going to be on sale tomorrow during Amazon’s Prime Day sale. I’ve seen the authors posting this info via Instagram today and yesterday.


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