Bookish Interview – Ricardo

Hi guys! This is my husband Ricardo. I thought I would try something new today. I LOVE doing book reviews on here but sometimes you have to spice things up! I thought it would be cool to do some bookish interviews. My first being, Ricardo.


We have very different tastes in books. He likes classics and darker books, whereas I like YA and middle grade books. He reads a lot of Chuck Palakniuk and Stephen King.

Where is your favorite reading nook?

Probably anywhere nice and quiet… and warm. I think the best time I’ve had reading is in the middle of the night.

What are your all time favorite books?

Probably Les Miserables or The Three Musketeers. I really like the style and prose. Historical fiction feels like reading fantasy that might actually have happened.

I also really like To Kill A Mockingbird. It is historical fiction too and it makes me feel like I was in that time. I feel like it was really easy to get invested in those characters. My favorite character would have to be Scout because she’s so boisterous and adventurous.

What was your favorite childhood book and why?

Harry Potter… that was the first time I felt really invested in a book/series. Before that? Probably The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Who is your favorite author and why?

Victor Hugo. He writes like he’s telling a story out loud, making it up as he goes, yet precise. I like when I can’t predict where the author is going.

What would you say is your favorite literature genre?

Historical Fiction

If you could choose one literary character that you identify most with; who would it be and why?

I guess Hermione. I get told I have that personality a lot. Pretty nerdy and pretentious… but I’m also kind of dumb. Maybe if Ron and Hermione were the same person? That would be more accurate.

If you wrote a novel, what would your novel be about?

Umm, sword and sandal type fantasy… with magic… and wait there’s a twist it’s actually in the post apocalyptic future.


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