Goooooood Morning!

What’s your favorite time of day?

My favorite time of the day is right when I wake up, stumble into the kitchen all bleary eyed to make a cup of coffee, and then sit down at my computer to peruse the interwebs. I like the peace and quiet before the day starts. Even during the school year I try to wake up a little early just so I can sit with my coffee and check out what’s going on in the world. And by “what’s going on in the world” I mean what’s going on with all the bloggers and vloggers I watch and occasionally I’ll stop by some of my favorite Reddit pages.

This can be dangerous though… How is that dangerous? You may be wondering. Well, I’ve just been catching up with Ingrid Nilsen, Tanya Burr, and ReadbyZoe and now all I want to do is go out and buy everything from Topshop, Story, Bauble Bar, and all the books Zoe was recommending this morning! Advertising at it’s finest! I never let myself by anything before noon though. I know better. I’m weak when I first wake up and start watching/reading everyones updates. I know I have to let myself wake up and go to work or at least think about these hefty purchases before they happen. I have to stop and think:

Des, is this really a good idea?

Is this going to hurt your bank account?

Buyers Remorse! Buyers Remorse! Buyers Remorse!

Or my favorite…

Des, do you really need that?

No… I don’t. But it’s so easy to succumb to the morning grogginess and the fact that it’s quiet and no one is awake to see you spend your paycheck on all of the things YOU DON’T NEED. Sigh.

But after that guilt trip I decide I’m hungry and make breakfast. I love breakfast! Maybe because it’s the one time of day that it’s completely normal to eat sweet things like maple and brown sugar oatmeal or pancakes with butter pecan syrup. I can hear all the gasps from all you healthy people out there who eat asparagus and tomatoes for breakfast…

Ricardo usually isn’t awake until 9:30 so I either catch up on my shows, write some blog posts, call my grandmother, or read until he gets up. Well lately I’ve been getting up and applying to different districts and/or calling/emailing them but hey! let’s not talk about the boring stuff like job hunting. Reading and blog posting are much more fun!

I think I like mornings best because they’re my “Me time” of day. They’re when I’m by myself and I can nerd out or be lazy and drink coffee if I want to. I can get kind of grumpy if I don’t get to relax with my cup of Joe in the morning. It makes me feel like a big chunk of my daily routine has been taken away. Those of you out there who are little on the OCD side with me know exactly what I’m talking about.

When is your favorite part of the day?


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