My Summer TBR


Summer will be ending for teachers in August. In most Texas schools around the Dallas area, we go back around the 15th. This is my summer TBR list that I haven’t finished yet. Three of the books (The Wrath & The Dawn, Midnight Thief, and Stolen are books that are fairly new.) I added them to the list because they sound awesome!

I actually went and bought Stolen yesterday after watching Read by Zoe’s booktube video about her favorite books read in 2014. If you read my post yesterday, you know I have a problem with just going out and buying things I see in YouTuber videos! They just make the things they’re advertising sound so good. And Zoe didn’t steer me wrong! I started Stolen last night around 8:30 and read until 1am. I’m halfway done with it. I may actually finish it today and post a review tomorrow.

I put The Wrath & The Dawn, The Selection, and Throne of Glass because they’re so hyped up on Instagram, YouTube, blogs, etc. My copy of Throne of Glass is actually signed by Sarah J. Maas. I got it at last years Texas Teen Book Festival and a friend got her signature for me while I waited in Garth Nix and Marie Lu’s lines.

I just stumbled upon Midnight Thief yesterday as I was spending my birthday Barnes & Noble giftcard. I have seen a few things on Instagram here and there about it and it kind of gave off a The Thief Lord vibe. Maybe it was the name? Probably the color of the book too and how the characters are supposedly sneaking around a city.

I bought The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige right when it came out, which was during the school year. Reading during the school year isn’t impossible I was just also planning a wedding at the time so I had very little time to myself. And it was my first semester teaching outside of my student teaching and I was trying extra hard to be the best teacher ever. I can’t wait to read this one. I loved Dorothy Must Die. I’m all about fairytale retellings. And Paige has such a witty way of writing. Love her!

Lastly, Drums of Autumn is on there off to the side because if you have ever read a Gabaldon book you know they are a time investment. I’m all about big books but I can’t just read these while I’m waiting in the lobby at my doctors office or while I’m waiting at the car wash. I feel like this style of literature needs my complete, undivided attention. I like reading these in a comfy reading nook. Or while I’m sitting outside. I don’t think I will finish this one by the end of summer but I will be reading it while I’m reading the others. I like to take little Outlander breaks. It’s a nice escape.

Happy readings 🙂

And here is a link to Zoe’s book YouTube channel!

 If you haven’t checked it out before, you should! Some weeks I constantly watch beauty and lifestyle vloggers and some weeks I’m all about booktubers and writing youtubes.


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